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  • Spring News Announcements!

    Spring News Announcements!

    Okay, okay… I should probably announce these things regularly, as they happen, but I’m going to dump all these little wins in one announcement: I am thrilled to announce that IN EXCESS OF DARK has been picked up by DarkLit Press for publication early 2024! I was inspired to write this book after a camping…… Read more



    Be sure to read the full submission guidelines on publishers’ websites prior to submitting. That’s right, sometimes I am wrong. Need help keeping track of submissions? Check out my guide here: Red’s Super-Sweet Guide to Submission Organization Do you feel like there are too many amazing calls for submissions and you can’t possibly keep up…… Read more



    NIGHTMARE SKY: STORIES OF ASTRONOMICAL HORROR I’ve been working on this anthology nearly all year, and I’m thrilled to announce its upcoming release, November 4, 2022. The success of a new book weighs heavily upon preorders, so please consider placing your preorders soon, either with your local brick-and-mortar bookstore, suggest it to your local library,…… Read more

  • The Dreaded Track Changes

    The Dreaded Track Changes

    Track changes was incredibly confusing to me for a long time. But over the past few years, working with different editors and then becoming an editor myself, I’ve learned a few things about using it in both MS Word and in Google Docs. It can feel a bit confusing at first, but hopefully, this step-by-step…… Read more

  • Allie’s New Crayon

    Allie’s New Crayon

    Allie’s New Crayon by Red Lagoe was voted first place in Crystal Lake Publishing’s December 2020 flash fiction contest and was originally published in Shallow Waters Volume 8. Allie’s New Crayon Suzanne chewed her nails down to the quick until blood seeped to the surface. The money should’ve hit her account an hour ago. The…… Read more

  • The Winemaker’s Curse

    The Winemaker’s Curse

    by Red Lagoe The rugged, overgrown path to the old vineyard seemed to wind up the country hillside for eternity. Janiyah glanced at her boyfriend, Ethan, who was driving. She couldn’t help but feel annoyed with the uncomfortable, bumpy drive along the unmarked, unpaved road. They cleared the thick trees and came to a stop…… Read more

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