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  • The book that…

    I wrote a novel in 2014-15. Nobody ever saw it (except the agent that rejected it), but I spent over a year of my life working on this piece of fiction that was loosely based on my teen years. Tearful emotions poured out of my soul and onto the keyboard, then popped up as 80,000 glorious…… Read more

  • No Good

    An email arrives from the literary journal that I submitted work to. Anticipation wraps around my chest like a boa constrictor, and holds its position. Don’t get excited – I tell myself. But I do anyway. “Dear Red: We’re sorry…” The rejection assaults my hard work, leaving me limp before my computer screen. The boa constrictor releases…… Read more

  • Rejection Affection

    In the last two days, I’ve been rejected twice – by two different publishers, for two different stories. Ouch. The knife enters my abdominal cavity. Add another rejection from several months ago, and another from a year or so before that. The blade twists and I lose my breath. I am not accustomed to this thing called rejection. I have always…… Read more

  • paper clip

    One paper clip. One paper clip keeps me from sealing the envelope and sending in the manuscript. In this entire house of junk – mounds of old paperwork and files waiting to be organized, squeezed between the scattered bric-a-brac – there is not one paper clip. The manuscript is polished, the cover letter is complete, and the…… Read more

  • Genre Search

    After I quit my 9 to 5 job, I tried doing the stay-at-home mom thing and nearly lost my mind being so domesticated. That’s when I wrote my first book, Drips. Staying creative is just what I needed to avoid housework and recipes. Drips did alright. While the paperbacks didn’t sell, the Kindle edition had…… Read more

  • Hello, readers!

    It is recommended that first time authors establish a presence online with Facebook pages, blogs, and websites. So here is my attempt at putting myself out there! I have many stories bouncing around in my head right now and I can’t wait to share them. Read more

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