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Red Lagoe grew up on 80s horror and carried her paranoia of slashers and sewer creatures into adulthood.

When she’s not spewing her horror-ridden mind onto the page, Red works random, boring jobs. Good thing she gets to be creative for this writing gig, or she’d lose her mind in the vast soul-sucking abyss of humdrum work. Amateur astronomy is her first love, and Red can be found in the evenings volunteering with her local non-profit astronomy organization, lingering in the inky shadows for a better view of the stars.

Red’s short story collection Lucid Screams released in February 2020, followed by Dismal Dreams in 2021. She worked as a staff writer for Crystal Lake Publishing’s Still Water Bay series. Her stories have appeared in Dark Moon Digest, Sinister Smile Press’s If I Die Before I Wake series, Crystal Lake Publishing’s Shallow Waters series, Silver Shamrock’s Midnight from Beyond the Stars, and more.

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