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Red Lagoe grew up on 80s horror and carried her paranoia of slashers and sewer creatures into adulthood. She never realized how helpful her love of horror was until she applied the lessons learned to traversing the campus parking lots at night.

Horror stories have always been in her head, but instead of using her ever-so-useful Independent Studies degree in a creative field, she went to work in the veterinary field. Here, she learned first-hand to identify the smell of death and burnt flesh. She’s had her hands inside the warm abdominal cavities of living things, and assisted on surgeries where limbs and eyeballs were removed. Putrid infections, maggots, rabies, and diseases riddled her day to day. She put seven years of own (literal) blood, sweat, and tears into her job but needed to step away.

Red made the painful decision to leave her beloved nine-to-five to spend more time with her kids and to pursue her buried passion for writing dark fiction.

When she’s not spewing her horror-ridden mind onto the page, or substituting at the elementary school like a normal upstanding citizen, Red enjoys amateur astronomy, and can be found lingering in the inky shadows among beasts for a better view of the stars.

Red’s story Consumer Alert placed sixth in the Dark Regions Press contest and will appear in the 2020 release, Black Labyrinth: Possessions. Other stories have appeared in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Shallow Waters Volumes 1 & 2, Trembling with Fear’s Year Two anthology, Owl Hollow Press’ Under the Full Moon’s Light anthology, and Z Publishing’s books America’s Emerging Horror Writers and Virginia’s Emerging Writers. Her short story Helping Hands Retreat placed 3rd Toasted Cheese Literary Journal’s 2016 Dead of Winter horror contest.  Fair Haven, Red’s debut novel, was released in 2017.

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