2020: the year of short stories

Wow! What a strange year! It's not over yet, and a lot can happen. So far in 2020, I've been busy releasing a book, submitting many short stories to anthologies, taking on a staff-writer position for a shared-world series, working on a new book, dealing with the kids' at-home learning, and I've recovered from a... Continue Reading →

Bound and Gagged

Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe I read too much into situations. I did grow up on 80's slasher horror and developed a watchful eye for the bad guys around the corner. Sure, nobody ever threw a bag over my head and dragged me into a vehicle, so you could argue that those predators are few and... Continue Reading →

The Creation of Man

Adam's untold horror story A serpent coils around my body as I lay by the river bank. Sunlight trickles between hefty fig leaves, dappling black scales with shadow. The serpent’s head is at my lips. Its split tongue flicks between my teeth and slips inside. I welcome it, choking, gagging, as it slips down my... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day

Towering orange shelves blur in my periphery as I pass by the new display of lawn mowers and weed whackers. I am focused on my mission to get in and get out. Straight to self-checkout, I hoist a large, wooden-handled axe up to the scanner. Valentine’s Day. As cliché as it is, it used to... Continue Reading →

Passion and Persistence

We don’t always end up where we think we’ll be. Remember those five-year goals from high school? I thought I’d be a children’s book writer, or an artist of some sort. But life—that chaotic storm cloud of uncontrollable happenstance stitched together with lightning decisions (big and small)—took me on a journey I didn’t expect. Five... Continue Reading →

Malignant Roots

After Mack Berrington's dark soul took to the soil, evil plagued the roots of the family tree. My new flash fiction piece Malignant Roots is in Crystal Lake Publishing's Shallow Waters Volume 3. The Table of Contents on this 99-cent ebook anthology is pretty amazing! Stories by Monique Snyman, Richard Thomas, Theresa Derwin, Mark Allan... Continue Reading →

Let’s Do This Thing!

I started a career mentorship the week school started and Hurricane Dorian skimmed by. It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. Part of this month-long mentorship with Crystal Lake Publishing is taking a look at my goals and doing the work to achieve them. And boy is there a lot of work to... Continue Reading →

Four Women. Four Creepers.

#1.   28 years old, wearing ceil blue scrubs, she peruses the wine selection on her lunch break, because Wednesday evenings are Winesday evenings. A man down the aisle makes eye contact. The fairly non-descript, khaki-wearing guy stays a respectful distance away, but seems to watch her from his location. Like in a movie where... Continue Reading →

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