The Winemaker’s Curse

by Red Lagoe The rugged, overgrown path to the old vineyard seemed to wind up the country hillside for eternity. Janiyah glanced at her boyfriend, Ethan, who was driving. She couldn’t help but feel annoyed with the uncomfortable, bumpy drive along the unmarked, unpaved road. They cleared the thick trees and came to a stop... Continue Reading →


SCARES THAT CARE Charity Weekend is an annual event which raises funds for 3 individuals in need: a sick child, a burn survivor, and a breast cancer fighter. There are authors, celebrities, vendors, cosplay, costume contests, karaoke, a 5K, games, and more. DONATE HERE My fortunate proximity to Scares That Care in Williamsburg, VA made... Continue Reading →


Be sure to read the full submission guidelines on publishers' websites prior to submitting. Need help keeping track of submissions? Check out my guide here: Red's Super-Sweet Guide to Submission Organization Do you feel like there are too many amazing calls for submissions and you can't possibly keep up with them all? That's okay. I... Continue Reading →

Dismal Dreams at June’s End

The next collection drops on June 25! PREORDER HERE on Amazon. WIN A SIGNED PAPERBACK: All you have to do is add Dismal Dreams to your Goodreads To-Be-Read list and you'll be entered to win! Click this link to find Dismal Dreams on Goodreads. Then click on "Want to Read." Drawing will take place July... Continue Reading →

Call for Submissions

Someone in the social-mediaverse had asked how I kept all my calls for submissions organized, so I figured I'd share a sample of my chart, along with with some upcoming deadlines. (Scroll down past the charts if you just want the open calls.) Even if I'm not sure I'll submit to an open call, if... Continue Reading →

Out of the Shadow of Eclipse

horror fiction by Red Lagoe They call it a blood moon. I’d always been a fan, but Tad said there wasn’t nothing bloody about it. Big fat disappointment is what he called it. He said his face turns that shade of red when he bears down for a shit. Why’d he have to go and... Continue Reading →

2020: the year of short stories

Wow! What a strange year! It's not over yet, and a lot can happen. So far in 2020, I've been busy releasing a book, submitting many short stories to anthologies, taking on a staff-writer position for a shared-world series, working on a new book, dealing with the kids' at-home learning, and I've recovered from a... Continue Reading →

Bound and Gagged

Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe I read too much into situations. I did grow up on 80's slasher horror and developed a watchful eye for the bad guys around the corner. Sure, nobody ever threw a bag over my head and dragged me into a vehicle, so you could argue that those predators are few and... Continue Reading →

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