Dismal Dreams

Every day is steeped in horror. An inexplicable force in the wild. A serpent lurking in the shadows. Or the sinister thoughts forged in the deepest abyss of a tortured mind. Lagoe offers a gamut of horrific experiences artfully woven into thirteen stories. Explore the darkness within a selfish heart, face death among ghosts, and roar into the snarling maw of the beast. Horror can be empowering if we can survive our most dismal dreams.

Editorial Reviews

“Lagoe proves she’s not an up-and-comer or a promising new voice; she’s a master ofthe short story and a gem waiting for you to discover it.”    
-Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs

DismalDreams showcases Red’s ability to imbue her characters with heart before sherips it from their chests and offers it, steaming and bloody, to her readers.”    
-LaurelHightower, author of Crossroads and Whispers in the Dark

DismalDreams is the kind of pulse-pounding book where every turned page riskswounding the reader, from paper cut to axe chop, and ultimately, heartache.”    
-HaileyPiper, author of The Worm and His Kings

“I greatly look forward to what Red Lagoe does next because as she’s shown us in Dismal Dreams, her craft only gains strength with each new project, and we’re really very lucky to have her writing voice in the horror world.”
-Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

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