Get out of my head

I’ve wrapped up my book and while it sits in the hands of my beta-readers for scrutiny, I’ve been trying to catch up on real-life responsibilities. What’s daunting is that the hard work comes now that the book is written. Formatting the manuscript. Researching agents and publishers. Writing a query letter, a synopsis, and an author biography…The boring part of novel-writing.

However, I can’t help but think about my next book. Some scenes have already played out in my head. They project from my brain onto my retinas like a big screen movie, stopping me in my tracks, while I’m trying to play catch up on all those real-life things. I stare at a wall while the protagonist is screaming obscenities in my head, and the “Mom…Mom…Mom?” voice of a real child is muffled by the unsolicited day-dreamt story.

Many would say that I should focus on just getting the first novel released, but I have other concerns tugging at my coattail–not limited to children, the boring part of novel writing, or those pesky imaginary worlds.

For now, my real world and imagined world will have to coexist.

Here’s to getting one book out of my computer and into print, and getting another book out of my head and into my computer.



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