How I Make Time for Writing


How do I make time for writing?  Easy.  I don’t do housework. It’s filthy in here,  which is great inspiration for horror writing.

What’s that smell?  I’ll work it into the story.

The spots on my windows blur the outside world into a Monet of greens, browns, and blues.  My character’s vision is failing.

Animal hair on the carpeting would suffocate allergic visitors. A crazy cat lady shuts the door after her guest enters, and waits for her victim’s airways to constrict before feeding the corpse to the cats.

Baseboards are blackened with a layer of grime that reminds the protagonist of the thick, greasy gunk found under the victim’s fingernails.

Clutter and filth make it more difficult for investigators to find useful clues, right?

Perhaps I’ll stew in this mess for a bit longer while I create a soul-sucking creature out of the dust-bunnies and lost cheerios under the couch.

The problem is… I prefer a tidy workspace, but the thought of cleaning it sucks the soul out of me harder than any creature imaginable.


5 thoughts on “How I Make Time for Writing

  1. I should do some housework, or at least move the dead spider off my office windowsill, since I notice it every time I stare into space whilst writing. The writing seems more important though, plus, it’s a spider!

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    1. I had a live spider writing companion last spring. It was right in my drift off line of sight and was fascinating to watch eat and as long as it didn’t cross the threshold I was happy to let it be.

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      1. That sounds cool 🙂
        My other half tends to kill spiders on sight, but at my old workplace, there were loads. I once saw two spiders fight to the death. I was stunned, since I never knew they were territorial!

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  2. I know I work so much better in a clean workspace. I try to use the “my brain is burned out and I have no mental energy let alone creative capacity” time for cleaning (Friday nights oddly enough). Unfortunately many of those times are also physically exhausted times.


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