Fair Haven Review Request

FINALLY! Fair Haven has been unleashed upon the world. Indie publishing is a lot of hard work and gets a bad rap because necessary steps are often skipped. I am confident to say that no steps were skipped. It was a long, grueling process with countless revisions and editing and formatting and crying and tantrum-ing.

There’s a rabies-like viral outbreak with ravenous attackers. During the breakdown of civilization to the virus, we follow a couple of realistic characters as they hold on to survival, while dealing with marital problems, and making choices between what is right and what is easy.

Please consider picking it up and giving it a review on Amazon.  A free preview of the first few chapters is available on the “see inside” option on Amazon.

If you have a book review blog and you’re interested in reviewing Fair Haven, I would be happy to get you a digital copy for free.

It’s time to celebrate my first published novel!! And time to move on to the next one.

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